The DuneCraft Difference

Why are DuneCraft Growing Kits the Gold Standard of the Industry?

The Dunecraft Difference

1. All of our products utilize terrariums which create a closed, self-sufficient micro-climate that retains humidity and heat, both essential to successfully sprout seeds. No matter what size or retail, all of our high quality items utilize terrariums.

2. All of our items include premium sprouting mixture with all the micronutrients and minerals that seeds need to germinate and for plants to flourish.

3. Out of the millions of plants in existence, only several hundred are actually suitable to grow in an indoor environment from seed. We have painstakingly tested thousands of plants over the years to determine the best species to use. This firsthand knowledge guarantee excellent results. While some plants may sprout indoors, they must be quickly transplanted outdoors. At DuneCraft, we only use plants that will sprout and grow for years in an indoor environment.

4. We use only the freshest seed and test every batch that we receive to ensure a consistent outcome. All of our growing kits are made and assembled in the United States of America to ensure our unmatched quality and results.

5. Each of our kits include comprehensive sprouting and plant information. In addition, we provide information on growing your plants once they have sprouted as well as useful information on raising plants indoors in terrariums.

6. DuneCraft has seed kits of all sizes and price points to accommodate any customer/grower. With over 40 kits currently and new additions released every year, most of our unique and original gardens are themed to entice and create new plant enthusiasts. Of course, experienced gardeners will also appreciate the exotic and tropical plants we use that thrive indoors in our terrarium environments.