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Our new boxed science kits will provide hours of educational enjoyment! Simply add water and start experimenting with these fun kits! Kids and puke go hand in hand. Dissect owl puke and rebuild skeletons with Unreal Upchuck! Spider Balls provide endless delight and days of fun with their whimsical nature!

Water Wonders

Just add 2 two-liter bottles to make your own air-powered fountain and twisting tornadoes! Create a tornado and a water fountain! Amaze your friends!

Outer Space Explorer

Embark on your adventure into a Martian World with the Outer Space Explorer Set! This complete set contains 6 different polymers that are so astounding that you will think they are from another planet. Experiment with the included Space Sand, Super Snow, Space Spheres, Alien Spider Balls and more!

Make Your Own Snowman World

Make three free standing snowmen with DuneCraft’s brand new Snowman Kit! The Make Your Own Snowman Kit is perfect for creating your very own winter wonderland in your house at any time of the year! This set comes with everything needed to make life-like snow, snowmen, a snow fort or igloo, and many little snowballs! All of the materials are completely reusable and are sure to provide hours of delightful holiday fun!
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Unreal Upchuck

Packaging A
Packaging B
This brand new box set combines the thrill of dissecting owl puke and rebuilding skeletons with the hypoallergenic and sanitary means that only modern manufacturing can provide. These sanitary and synthetic pellets will provide hours of fun. Complete kit includes two kinds of pellets, bone sorting chart, and more!