DuneCraft Product Instructions
Aloe Plants That Work
Amazing Moving Plant
Astounding Polymer Properties Observation Kit (Small)
Banana Farm
Beer Garden
Biblical Garden
Bonsai Rock Garden
Bonsai Village
Botanical Discoveries (Small)
Carnivorous Creations
Cat's Fantasy
Culinary Herb Garden
Curious George's Arctic Adventure
Curious George's Outrageous Farm
Desert Biodome
Desert Hothouse
Desert Rock Garden
Dinosaur Discovery Adventure Garden (Curious George)
Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Plant
Dinosaur Plant Student Guide (Classroom Kit)
Dinosaur Plant Trio
Doomsday Vegetables All-Star Collection
Dragon's Lair
Edible Flowers
Enchanted Ivy Rock Garden
Fairy Triad
Flower & Foliage Terrarium
Fly Trap Fiends (Windowsill Greenhouse)
Gothic Garden
Grow Your Own Red Maple
Grow Your Own River Birch
Grow Your Own Tree Class Kit
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Kit
Healing Garden
Hot Peppers
Hummingbird Garden Kit
Instant Solid Powder (Smart Tube)
Jelly Stones
Make Your Own Snowman World
Medieval Herber
Mosquito Grass (Plants That Work)
Odd Pods
Outdoor Flower Garden Class Kit

Outer Space Adventure Garden (Curious George)
Outer Space Explorer
Physical Matter Properties Classroom Kit
Pitcher Plant Predators (Windowsill Greenhouse)
Plant Science Student Guide (Classroom Kit)
Plants From Around the World
Polymer Properties Student Guide (Classroom Kit)
Princess Garden
Rainforest Rock Garden
Salsa Garden
Sand, Snow, and Solid Physical Science Wonder Kit (Small)
Sensational Strawberries (Plants That Work)
Sensory Dome
Skeleton Pellets Bag of Knowledge (Mole)
Skeleton Pellets Bag of Knowledge (Starling)
Skeleton Pellets Bag of Knowledge (Vole)
Slimy Squishy Polymer Fun
Soothing Aloe Rock Garden
Space Sand
Space Sand Student Guide (Classroom Kit)
Space Sand (Smart Tube)
Space Sand 5lb. Neon
Space Sand 5lb. Primary Colors
Sprout & Eat Salad Machine
Strange Plant Collection
SweetLeaf(Plants That Work)
Sundew Savages
Super Snow
Super Snow (Smart Tube)
Super Snow Student Guide (Classroom Kit)
Super Snow 1.5lb
The Tea House
Terraria Classroom Kit
Tropical Palm Oasis
Touch-N-Glow Ball
Unreal Upchuck
Vice Versa Balls
Victory Garden
Water Plant Adaptations Exploration (Small)
Wiggly Jiggly Silly Squares (Curious George)
Wild West Cactus Roundup
Witches' Woods