DuneCraft Product Instructions (PDF)

Dome Terrariums
Australian Outback Adventure
Biblical Garden
Beer Garden
Bonsai Village
Carnivorous Creations
Culinary Herb Garden
Desert Biodome
Dinosaur Dome
Farmer's Garden
Fairy Triad
Butterfly Glamour Garden
The Love Dome
Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms
Outer Space Adventure
Rainforest Biosphere
Strange Plant Collection
Sensory Dome
The Tea House
Zombie Farm
Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome
Hydroponic Fly Traps
LED Light Cubes
Tropical Jungle
Carnivorous Creatures
Mini Cactus Garden
Standard Edition
Deluxe Edition
Ultimate Habitat
Ultimate Habitat
Bi-Level Cool Combinations
Swamp Thing Garden
Volcano Crater Garden
Rainforest Cloud Garden
Kid's Cubes
Mermaid's Growing Grotto
Pirate's Cove
Garfield Themed Gardens
Garfield Catnip Garden
Classroom Kits
Polymer Properties Kit
Physical Matters Properties Kit
Grow Your Own Tree Kit
Skeleton Pellets
Terraria Kit
Eco Plant Pals
Seed Stones
Organic Veggies
Outdoor Vegetable Garden
Outdoor Flower Garden
Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit
Super Snow Classroom Kit
Space Sand Classroom Kit
Polymer Science Classroom Kit
Plant Science Classroom Kit

Mountain Gardens
Volcano Mountain
Princess Mountain
Wizard Mountain
Glass Terrariums
Mini Fairy Garden
Mini Desertscape
Wildflower Garden
Beach in a Bowl
Park in a Bottle
Bottle of Luck
Water Plants
The Amazing Dinosaur Plant
Rock Gardens
Rainforest Rock Garden
Bonsai Rock Garden
Odd Pods
Wild West Cactus Roundup
Odd Pods
Glow in the Dark Odd Pods
Plant Cubes
Fly Traps
Madagascar Palm
Plants That Work
Indispensable Aloe
Sensational Strawberries
Sweet Leaf
Windowsill Greenhouses
Desert Hothouse
Dinosaur Park
Dragon's Lair
Fly Trap Fiends
Healing Garden
Pitcher Plant Predators
Princess Garden
Sundew Savages
Fun Science Kits
Water Wonders
Silly Squares Stacker
Outer Space Explorer
Slimy Squishy Polymer Fun
Make Your Own Snowman World
Unreal Upchuck
Mini Fun Science Kits
Unreal Upchuck Starling Mini Kit
Mini Make Your Own Snowman World
Science Fair Kits
Astounding Polymer Properties Observation Kit
Botanical Discoveries
Water Plants Adaptations Exploration
Sand, Snow, and Solid Physical Science Wonder Kit