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Two Artists! One Theme! One Movement! July 18, 2014!

DuneCraft is Proud to Present Sam Taylor as COO!

DuneCraft among ICIC and Fortune’s Inner City 100 Winners!

Experience Reality Through the Art of Grant Cleveland!

Grant Cleveland Elected President of Fairmount Center for the Arts

Light Cube LED Lights are a Breakthrough in Growing!

DuneCraft’s Cleveland’s Paintings can now be found at The Dick Kleinman Fine Art Gallery!

Our Beans Have a Lot to Say!

Create Even More Exciting Windowsill Worlds!

Grow It; Eat It!

DuneCraft Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary!

Drop a Bomb, Grow Some Plants!

Grow Your Own Exotic Edibles!

DuneCraft’s Natural Air Cleaners!

Edible Delights: The Most Locally Grown Produce Possible

Hydroponic Refill Packs: Renew the Fun!

The Joy of Growth: DuneCraft, Inc. Helps Kids Wish Network Send Amazing Terrarium Kits to Children in Crisis Nationwide

Slick Sand Revolutionizes Sand & Water Tables

Grow Plants for your Pets with Garfield and Friends!

Fresh Impulse Plants: Tiny Kits, Cute Friends, Big Fun

Experience the Ingenuity of Hydroponics!

DuneCraft Recognized for its Excellence!

DuneCraft In the News!

DuneCraft's Innovative New Products!

Join SpongeBob SquarePants Underwater with New Water Wonders Plants!

Magical Bean Has a Secret!

DuneCraft Partners with Universal to Create Curious George™ Themed Terrariums

Join the Science Revolution!

Discover DuneCraft's All in One Science Fair Project Solution!

America's Number One Hobby in Trouble!

DuneCraft Unveils New Environmental Products Based on Leading Nickelodeon Properties!

Making a Difference is Easier than You Think!

Toy Recall Sparks Demand For DuneCraft Toys Made in the USA!

DuneCraft’s Popularity Continues to Grow!

DuneCraft Partners with Nickelodeon To Create Character Themed Terrariums

DuneCraft Delves into Multi-Million Dollar Advergaming Industry!

Discover the Organic Powers of a Healing Garden!

Grow Magical Plants for Oils, Baths, Brews and More!

Grow an Enchanted Fairy Wonderland in Less Than a Week!

Grow the World's Largest Herb from Seed!

DuneCraft Unveils Innovative, Science-Based Classroom Kits!

DuneCraft Products Win Four Awards in Multiple Categories!

Multi-Colored Slime Teaches Science!

Impulse Sensation: The World's Smallest Terrariums

DuneCraft Products Win Four Awards for Excellent, Preferred Toys

DuneCraft October Toy Fair Showroom, New Products, and Awards

Europe, UK and Canada Hungry for Flesh-Eating Plants

Dunecraft Products Ignite Interest in Plants Among Children

Dunecraft Introduces the World's Simplest Crystal!

DuneCraft Partnerships Yield Exciting New Kits!

DuneCraft Experiences Surge in Holiday Sales

Bring Hollywood Home Today

Experience Mars In Your Home Today

Growing Popularity of Nature Kits

Local Garden Kits Are Nationwide Craze

Seeds From Outer Space Sprout in Only 5 Days

Prehistoric Plant Defies Extinction, Sprouts Back to Life

The Sensational Sensory Dome