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Grow these highly valued and botanically interesting plants in our 100% American made custom planter. The thick walls of this high quality injection terrarium allow for maximum humidity and better falling prevention power. The plants in this ingenious selection were chosen based on their special characteristics, longevity, and ease of germination. These complete kits come with everything needed to sprout and maintain your own indoor terrarium. Decorative accents including a planting stake, decorative sand, stones, gravel, and more are part of these complete sets!

Fly Traps

Grow one of the world’s most fascinating plants. There are no other plants as notorious as the infamous Venus Fly Trap plant, which grows jaws that miraculously snap shut on its prey. Venus Fly Traps are as bizarre as they are intriguing. Like all plants, Fly Traps use sunlight to produce energy through photosynthesis. However, because these plants are indigenous to bogs and swamps lacking vital minerals and nutrients in the growing medium, which are necessary for plant growth, they have radically adapted by becoming carnivores. When the plant captures its prey it will digest the insect extracting the necessary provisions unfound in the natural environment.

Madagascar Palm

One of many species indigenous only to Madagascar, Madagascar Palms are one of its most breath taking prizes. These fascinating plants will sprout in less than a week and will form into the most unusual seedlings you have ever seen within weeks- resembling an artistic rendering of a full-grown palm in miniature!
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