July 9, 2015
DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley
(720) 635-3375

New for 2016: Flowing River Habitat – Go with the Flow

Cleveland, OH - Your pet will be spoiled by a pool with variable depths, a flowing river and lush foliage - this is sure to be your pet’s favorite home! Best yet, you can raise and watch the development of whatever animal you choose for the Habitat! Once again, bringing the fun back into learning!

DuneCraft Global Business Developer, Robert Sigman, stated “The first Ultimate Habitat was a great sell and I believe the Flowing River will be a bigger hit! I’m excited to see this line expand. It teaches how to create and maintain an ecosystem while fostering skills sets that last for a life time.”

Children will love to watch their amphibious pets move from dry land to water in the Flowing River Habitat. The lid has a special locking system to make sure your critter doesn’t crawl out. Build a comfortable environment for raising tree frogs, hermit crabs, newts, lizards, turtles and more! Kit contains an offer to purchase a frog(s) too! Decorative accessories, plants and the water pump, which generates the flowing river, create the proper surroundings for any small creature.

DuneCraft is a manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio that features a 300 + product line made right here in the USA. From animal habitats, educational science kits and novelty impulse buys, they have something for everyone. Their products are available in stores such as Michaels, CVS, Toys R Us and many more! Check out their website at .