April 24, 2014
DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley
(720) 635-3375

DuneCraft Introduces Glorious Glass Terrariums for Adults!

CLEVELAND, OH -- Give the gift of living glass with DuneCraft’s new Glass Terrariums! These glass-encased diminutive worlds appeal to those who want to bring nature indoors without tending typical houseplants. DuneCraft noticed many of their customers are adults purchasing terrariums for themselves so decided to create something especially tailored to them!

Two introductory styles include the Mini Fairy Garden and the Mini Desertscape with many more to come! This is a brand new category and line for DuneCraft! As Roy MacMillan from MacMillan’s Flash Frozen exclaims, “DuneCraft kits are amazing! Their wide range of products all create a special family interaction! Any time I give these kits to adults they immediately want to purchase one for themselves!” The Glass Terrariums contain quality extra thick glass so you can grow plants for years from seed with minimal care!

Terrariums are a way to be connected to nature while staying indoors. Terrariums date back to Victorian times, when it was discovered that glass containers were ideal for transporting delicate plants, which were all the rage with plant collectors of the era. Terrariums have remained popular not only because they’re portable, but also because they’re impervious to the cold, they’re more manageable than a life-size garden and, of course, they’re cute. Terrariums provide a small environment to become involved in and a perfect way to garden no matter what your limitations or situation. They minimize the need for regular watering as moisture is retained in the form of humidity.

DuneCraft’s new Glass Terrariums contain a mixture of fun, colorful, and interesting plant seeds. They require minimal watering and care: plant, place on windowsill and watch them sprout to life! These mini worlds make a beautiful accent piece or decorative piece for your home. Anyone can grow plants in a glass terrarium, so check them out today! For more information please visit or email