November 10, 2014
DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley
(720) 635-3375

DuneCraft Releases Record Number of New Items!

CLEVELAND, OH --DuneCraft does it again! DuneCraft is thrilled about the rollout of its new products, as it delves into even more new and exciting territories! First, the company is ecstatic to introduce the Ultimate Habitat. Its name very much holds true! It is the perfect habitat for tree frogs, hermit crabs, turtles, newts and more! The amazing habitat has three planting holes, a multi-depth pool with a see through side, several sitting ledges and more! You can catch or buy your own critter, or order a tree frog separately from DuneCraft! This is just the beginning!

Grant Cleveland, CEO of DuneCraft, has always believed in introducing new and fresh products twice a year. Cleveland says while inspiration can come from nearly anywhere, there is one source he feels is the most important: customers — regular and quantity buyers. One of the things we to talk about at DuneCraft is the art of bringing the outdoors inside. It really is incredible how much warmth a simple plant can bring to the indoors! With that, DuneCraft is thrilled to introduce amongst many new products, 4 new Glass Terrariums. These include the Bottle of Luck, the Wildflower Garden, Park in a Bottle, and Beach in a Bowl! Now you can grow palm trees at home, bring the park to you, and even grow some good luck!

DuneCraft is pleased to introduce its 3 newest exotic domes to its flagship Dome Terrarium Line. Capture the spirit of the outback in your own special dome terrarium! Grow your own authentic plants right at home! It even includes a limited edition Kangaroo Notchster! What can make a garden more fun that Zombies tearing around it? The Zombie Garden includes unusual zombie plants like grass that grows in spirals, a silver plant that has been used in Witches’ spells and making absinthe, a plant that grows brains and more! Spread the love and have fun with the Love Dome. Grow 5 kinds of love plants that are fun and easy to grow!

Another brand new line from DuneCraft is the Mini Dome Terrariums! Styles include Cutting Flowers, Butterfly and Hummingbird Flowers, Edible Flowers, the Wild Bird Garden, and the Money Plant! These plants are quick to sprout, easy to grow, and provide endless moments of pleasure. Best yet, there are enough seeds to plant several times!

The Volcano Crater Garden is a new addition to the ever-popular Mountain Garden Line and allows you to grow a collection of plants that celebrate fire and lava in a specially created volcano planter! Complete the scene with Dragon Trees that bleed cut and the red spotted Lava Plants! This garden has so much to offer!

In the science realm, DuneCraft is happy to introduce more mesmerizing and educational products. These include sensational Slick Sand Headers, the sand that doesn’t get wet; and mind blowing Polymer Buckets! For more information on DuneCraft products, please visit or email