November 10, 2014
DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley
(720) 635-3375

Ultimate Habitat is the most Hospitable Creature Containment System Ever!

CLEVELAND, OH --DuneCraft is ecstatic to introduce the Ultimate Habitat. Its name very much holds true! It is the perfect habitat for tree frogs, hermit crabs, turtles, newts and more! The amazing habitat has three planting holes, a multi-depth pool with a see through side, several sitting ledges and more! You can catch or buy your own critter, or order a tree frog separately from DuneCraft! This is just the beginning! It is a great project for classrooms and families!

All habitats have four important components (parts) for wildlife: shelter, water, food, and space. Most of the time, people only think of shelter when considering habitat, but the other three components are just as important, and an organism cannot survive without all four. Animals are really important in a habitat—they eat the dead plants and recycle the nutrients back into the soil, which helps the plants to grow.

There is so much learning and fun within the Ultimate Habitat! Raise a tree frog, hermit crab, newt, lizard or turtle in DuneCraft’s eco-friendly habitat where your beloved creatures will be spoiled by a pool with variable depths and be surrounded by the lush foliage of a variety of plants they prefer! The lid has a special positive lock system to make sure the lid doesn’t fall off. It comes with many fun and decorative accessories and the included seeds are quick to sprout and guaranteed to grow! Contents include a custom made habitat, Spanish peat moss, naturally colored quartz, natural gravel, natural pyrite, seeds including forget me not, clover, impatiens, mint, short grasses, and more! Best yet, you can raise and watch the development of whatever critter you choose for the Habitat! DuneCraft makes it even easier with a clear underwater viewing side!

DuneCraft’s motto has always been “Bring Learning to Life.” The company is constantly finding new and unique ways to do this. For more information on DuneCraft, please visit or email