March 12, 2014
DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley
(720) 635-3375

An Undersea Wonder on Your Windowsill, Table, or Desk!

CLEVELAND, OH -- Grow an underwater adventure with the new Sea-Quarium! DuneCraft is thrilled to introduce its first aquatic products ever! This is a brand new item, line, and category for DuneCraft! The Sea-Quarium comes with lily pads, Sea-Sauruses, and one time food. The state of the art aquarium includes a bowed front panel with magnifier lids.

After it starts, it is a self-sufficient system and carefree! Simply sprout the lily pad, hatch the included fairy shrimp and put in sun or use the revolutionary LED lights. Algae will then begin to grow. The shrimp will feed off the algae and put co2 in the water. The lily pads will then convert co2 into oxygen, which eliminates the need for both feeding and aerating!

Fairy Shrimp have extremely fast life cycles, and fairy shrimp eggs are able to survive when the temporary pond habitat dries out. When they become wet once more they hatch! They are 1-1 ½ inches in length and swim on their backs using their multiple legs. They have a life span of 6-8 weeks. DuneCraft worked exclusively with a professor at a regional university who has spent his career studying these animals to help design the Sea-Quariums! Grow several generations of fairy shrimp and dehydrate and let them grow again!

Currently, the company has released two versions of the Sea-Quarium, a starter edition and a deluxe edition! The deluxe edition includes a cutting edge LED light that has blue, red, and mixed settings with a timer and a Hydro-Pump to aerate the water! The tank is injection molded in one piece and has 5 magnifying portals on the front curved pane! This is the perfect container to grow and watch all kinds of aquatic life develop!

The DuneCraft brand has support in entering into aquatics and with its extensive products. As Steve Kirk-Fiesta Fund Raising writes, “I started working with DuneCraft two years ago. The products are top-notch quality and with the DuneCraft name recognition, the items sell. We have used their products in catalogs and as prizes. DuneCraft is easy to work with and I would recommend them!” Be sure to check out this undersea wonder! Please visit for more information.