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Actual Product Dimensions:
4" x 2.5" x 12"

Each Complete Kit Includes:

  • Timer
  • 4 Light Settings
  • 12' USB Cord
  • 18" Pole
  • 15 Super Bright Red, White & Blue Micro LED Lights

  • The Light Stick was designed for functional and aesthetic lighting of seedlings and larger houseplants alike! Simply press the stake in the ground and point up at the foliage to uplight it, or bend the light down to nurture and grow smaller plants and seedlings.

    The light has 4 light settings for promoting foliage, flowers, or maximum growth and even includes a timer! Efficiently powered by USB and comes with a six foot cord that can be connected to a computer, battery, or USB plug! The convenient timers have two settings, six and twelve hours!

    The Light Stick is perfect for lighting plants of all sizes and can be supplemental or an exclusive source of light. Light it up and get growing with DuneCraft!

    Item # LS-0549


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