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Actual Product Dimensions:
2 " x 3.9" x 5.2 "

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Micro Terrarium
  • Butterfly Bush Seeds (Buddleia davidii)
  • Premium Sprouting Mixture
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

  • Grow the ultimate plant to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and all sort of wildlife! This fast growing plant will flower lilac- and purple-colored, honey-scented flowers in its first year, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. This abundantly blooming shrub is also known as a summer lilac. It is a favorite among many and can be seen growing in many neighborhoods, and it requires little care. It is originally native to northwestern China and Japan. Safe for ages 4 and up!

    Item # MT-B133


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    Planting Instructions:
    1. Pour soil into terra-cotta planter
    2. Add one or two tablespoons of water, and blend with soil until saturated
    3. Press soil smooth
    4. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the germination mixture and press down on them lightly
    5. Add about ˝ tablespoon of water if necessary
    6. Screw clear terrarium lid into place
    7. Place on windowsill
    8. Your Butterfly plants will start sprouting in one week to two weeks
    9. Place the terrarium in a southern or eastern exposure
    10. Make sure the soil is moist every couple of weeks
    11. After removing the top, be sure to keep your plant moist as they will dry out very easily.

    Butterfly Bushes respond well to pruning, which will enhance the flowering of this shrub; they should be pruned in the spring before flowering. They can grow up to ten feet outdoors and will readily self sow and produce more plants over time. Butterfly Bushes can grow in almost any soil, but prefer well drained soil and full sun. They are tolerant of heat, humidity, drought, and average or poor soils. The fragrant flowers of the Butterfly Bush have an orange “eye.”