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Actual Product Dimensions:
8" diameter x 7" high

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Germination Dome
  • Butterfly Friend
  • Four Seed Packs:
        Alyssum, 12mg
        Jewel Weed, 10mg
        Princess Flower, 35mg
        Rainbow Plant, 2mg
  • 4 Themed Plant Stakes
  • 3 Gem Decals
  • Flower Gems
  • Large and Small Stick on Gems
  • White Marble Chips
  • Pink Princess Gravel
  • Butterfly Mix Seed Bomb
  • 2 Germination Disks
  • Growing and Care Instructions

  • Resources

    Instruction Manual (.pdf)


    The Mama Maven reviews the Butterfly Glamour Garden!

    Meet Penny reviews Butterfly Glamour Garden!

    Create a bountiful butterfly garden as unique and fun as you are. Set your dome terrarium up, plant your seeds, and then glam it up with metallic stickers, glittery jewels both small and large, cool white marble, hot pink gravel, and more! Grow plants with rainbow colored foliage while the profusion of sweet smelling blooms on the rest attract butterflies and hummingbirds. All the included plants sprout in less than a week and are quick to grow. The Butterfly Glamour Garden comes complete with a butterfly to call your garden home and a Butterfly Seed Bomb! Make your own bloom bustin' butterfly jammin' glam greenhouse today!

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