Actual Product Dimensions:
9.5 " x 9.5 " x 5"

Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit Includes:

  • Dinosaur Plants, 1 per student
  • Bowls, 1 per student
  • Magnifying Glasses, 1 per student
  • Food Coloring Tablets, 3 assorted colors
  • Teacher Instructions
  • Student Handouts

  • Resources

    Student Guide (.pdf)

    Please email DuneCraft for the Teacher's Guide

    Watch this amazing plant spring to life in hours! The Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit comes complete with enough materials for twelve students to do several fun and educational experiments. The included bowls are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable! Learn about dormant versus active states, vascular versus non vascular, adaptations of the Dinosaur Plant, natural selection and much more! When students are done with the experiments they can even take the plants home!

    Item # CP-0039