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Actual Product Dimensions:
2 " x 3.9" x 5.2 "

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Micro Terrarium
  • Dragon Tree Seed (Dracaena draco)
  • Premium Sprouting Mixture
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

  • These amazing Dragon Trees sprout from mysterious, powder-covered seeds and grow sharp, green, sword-like leaves quickly. The plants will grow even faster if you water them daily when the top is removed. They will last for years and conform to the container they are in. The stems of Dragon Trees bleed when cut! Safe for ages 4 and up!

    Item # MT-D135


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    Planting Instructions:
    1. Pour soil into terra-cotta planter
    2. Add one tablespoon of water, and blend with soil
    3. Press soil smooth
    4. Press seeds about 1/3 inch into the soil
    5. Add about ½ tablespoon of water
    6. Screw clear terrarium lid into place
    7. Place on windowsill
    8. Your Dragon Trees will start sprouting in one to two months and then grow very quickly
    9. Place the egg in a southern or western exposure
    10. When you remove the top, be sure to keep the plant moist

    The sword-like leaves of the Dragon Plant will develop a red edge if kept in good light and will naturally tougen with age. The lower leaves will fall off the plant as it ages. Although it can grow to be a giant in its natural habitat, your domesticated Dragon Tree will only grow to about four feet.