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Actual Product Dimensions:
8" diameter x 7" high

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Germination Dome
  • Farm Animal Friend
  • Fencing Planks
  • Five Seed Packs:
        Sweet Peppers, 35mg
        Strawberries, 6mg
        Bush Green Beans, 10g
        Miniature Carrots, 12mg
        Lettuce Mix, 50mg
  • 5 Farm Friend Plant Stakes
  • 3 Farm Photo Decals
  • Natural Farm Gravel
  • 2 Germination Disks
  • Growing and Care Instructions

  • Resources

    Instruction Manual (.pdf)

    Start your own farm, not an ordinary farm, but a micro farm that you can grow on your windowsill! Experience the peace of the countryside as you grow a variety of crops you can really use. Cultivate crunchy sweet peppers, snapping green beans, mouth-watering strawberries, crispy lettuce, and delicious baby carrots. Keep the harvest for yourself or sell them at your Farmer's Market!

    Fill out the farm with the included color decals and plant stakes. Divide your fields with natural gravel and finish the scene with your fun farm friend. All the plants are fun and easy to grow!

    Item # FG-0002


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