Actual Product Dimensions:
2 " x 3.9" x 5.2 "

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Micro Terrarium
  • Shamrock Seeds (Trifolium Repens)
  • Premium Sprouting Mixture
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

  • Grow your own good luck! Your shamrocks will start sprouting in as little as five days and will last for years. They are small enough to fit on any windowsill and can last for weeks without water in the included egg terrarium. These lucky, fast-growing, and fun little plants are the very same ones that originally grew in Ireland! Safe for ages 4 and up!

    Item # MT-L143
    Planting Instructions:
    1. Pour soil into terra-cotta planter
    2. Add one or two tablespoons of water, and blend with soil until saturated
    3. Press soil smooth
    4. Press seeds about ½ inch into the soil
    5. Add about ½ tablespoon of water
    6. Screw clear terrarium lid into place
    7. Place on windowsill
    8. Your shamrocks will start sprouting in less than one week.
    9. Watch for four-leaved clovers for good luck!

    The word shamrock is from the Irish word "seamrog," which translates to "little clover." Although most of us associate shamrocks with St. Patrick's Day, it was the Druids (Celtic priests) that first began using them in charms to protect people and bestow good luck upon them.