Actual Product Dimensions:
7.5" x 3.9" x .77"

WaterBalz Include:

  • 7 Growing Skulls
  • Instructions and Information on Growing Skulls

  • New Time Lapse Video!

    Watch these fascinating and unbelievably detailed skulls grow to over 1000 times their size in less than a day. In other words, observe its growth from the size of an embryonic mouse skull to one the size of a small adult terrier! Just add water and let time and the polymers do the rest. After one day, you can pull your fully grown skull from the glass of water you grew it in. And the fun can begin!

    You can interrogate your skulls. Squeeze and squish them! Show them who is boss. Throw them and watch them splatter. Name them and sing to them. Your skulls love to be sung to and may even jiggle around to the beat!

    Item # BC-0320

    Skulls Before Hydration
    Skulls Hydrated