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Actual Product Dimensions:
8" diameter x 7" high

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Sprouting and Growing Dome
  • Hydroponic Rack
  • Hydro-Pump
  • 4 Net Pots
  • 4 Rock-Wool Cubes
  • Fly Trap Seed Pack, 8mg
  • 3 Color Decals
  • 1 Bag Part A Nutrient: 1.5oz
  • 1 Bag Part B Nutrient: 1.5oz
  • 1 Nutrient Scoop
  • Instructions

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    Hydroponic Fly Traps Reviewed by Surviving a Teacher's Salary!


    Instruction Manual (.pdf)

    Grow Fly Traps without soil! This complete kit comes with everything you need to get started! The Hydro-Pump is also included which will keep the water fresh and the nutrients available to the roots of your growing plants. Your plants will grow faster and bigger hydroponically than through any other means. Safe for ages 12 and up!

    Item # HD-0189


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