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We have completely redesigned and added to our great-selling line of Micro Terrariums! The new package is more compact and sealed with a blister card. We are also adding 6 new styles to this popular, award winning line. Most importantly, we have been able to lower the cost of the entire line! Now these exciting items will retail for only $2.99!!! We pack a lot of eye-catching fun into a small package with our line of exciting Micro Terrariums. These whimsical miniature terrariums come in a variety of entertaining themes.

The terrarium ensures sprouts on almost any windowsill, as it locks humidity and moisture in. The terrarium also minimizes the number of times the plant will have to be watered. Water once a week, instead of once a day! Our kits come complete with everything needed!
Manic Mint

Item # MT-0148 Mint is a very hardy perennial herb that is easy to grow. It is used to make tea as the leaves are known for their delicious fragrance and taste. $2.99
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Johnny Jump Up

Item # MT-0147 These carefree plants are easy and fun to grow and will thrive in any terrarium. $2.99
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Butterfly Bush

Item # MT-B133 Grow the ultimate plant to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and all sorts of wildlife! This fast-growing plant will flower lilac- and purple-colored, honey-scented flowers in its first year. $2.99
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Happy Cat Plant

Item # MT-T146 Watch your cats roll over, purr, and leap with excitement! Catnip plants sprout quickly and are easy to grow for great fun for you and your cat! Fresh catnip causes a stronger reaction among cats. $2.99
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Grow Your Own Pine Tree

Item # MT-P132 Grow your own fast growing pine tree today. This pine sprouts quickly, and can be transplanted outside in most climates! Austrian Pines are a vital part of their environmental community! $2.99
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Rocket Plant

Item # MT-R145 Watch in amazement as the Rocket Plant speeds through its life cycle. This extraordinary plant will grow, flower, and produce seeds of its own within two months of sprouting. $2.99
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Space Plant

Item # MT-S131 This unusual moving plant will stun you over and over again. Watch the leaves quickly fold in as the branches bend down once its leaves are touched. This plant is easy to grow and rewards with lush foliage! $2.99
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Giggly Gum Tree

Item # MT-E139 Grow your own Eucalyptus plants from seed with minimal care. Eucalyptus, noted for attracting wildlife, is in leaf all year, and in flower from July to August! It is wonderfully aromatic, easy to grow, and lasts for years! $2.99
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Fairies' Favorite

Item # MT-F140 Grow your own Lobelia flowers from seed! Lobelia, also known as the Cardinal Flower, has trailing foliage that grows about 5 inches high and produces beautiful, deep blue flowers. This plant is easy to grow, and is believed to attract fairies! $2.99
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Prehistoric Fern

Item # MT-E141 Now you can grow Asparagus Ferns from seed! Asparagus Ferns are known for their beautiful foliage. They are easy to grow, thrive in low light, and will last for years! They germinate readily from seed and make terrific houseplants! $2.99
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Good Luck Egg

Item # MT-L143 Grow your own good luck! These shamrocks will start sprouting in as little as five days and will last for years. They are small enough to fit on any windowsill and can last for weeks without water in the included egg terrarium. $2.99
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Pink Polka Dot

Item # MT-S138 This easy to grow plant is native to Madagascar, but will flourish anywhere. The leaves will have colorful white, red, pink, and rose splashes covering them in less than two months. The spots are actually a form of "figurative patterning" like stripes on a zebra. $2.99
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Dusty Desert

Item # MT-C144 These cacti will sprout quickly and last for years! There are four types of cacti seed included in this kit. These fascinating plants were introduced to the European world by Christopher Columbus and are still used today for food, drink, medicine, and more! $2.99
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Tasty Herb Egg

Item # MT-H142 This delectable collection of herbs is sure to amaze your eyes and tantalize your taste buds. Basil, sage, and several other herbs will sprout in a matter of days and are ready to sprinkle on salad within a month. $2.99
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Fly Trap Fiends

Item # MT-F136 Grow your own feared and famous meat-eating plants. This kit features the infamous Venus Fly Trap. The leaves of a Venus Fly Trap are covered with fine hairs. When an insect lands on the plant, the pressure on these hairs causes the jaw-like foliage to snap closed, trapping the insect inside. $2.99
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Dragon Tree

Item # MT-D135 These amazing Dragon Trees sprout from mysterious, powder-covered seeds and grow sharp, green, sword-like leaves quickly. The plants will grow even faster if you water them daily when the top is removed. They will last for years and conform to the container they are in. The stems of Dragon Trees bleed when cut! $2.99
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Grow Your Own

Item # MT-G134 These unusual plants will grow colorful flowers that actually look like brains! In Victorian times, Brain Plants represented silliness, humor, and warmth. The Brain Plants prefer to be watered with warm water and will begin to form little brains in as little as two months. $2.99
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Pitcher Plant Predators

Item # MT-P137 Grow meat-eating plants from seed. The colorful veins and scented nectar of the pitcher plant lead crawling insects up the outside of the tube. When the bug lands on the tube-like leaves, the insects lose their traction and they fall, becoming trapped at the bottom. $2.99
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