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Actual Product Dimensions:
6.5" x 6.5" x 6.5"

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Glass Terrarium
  • Wild West Cactus Mix Seed Pack
  • Lantana Seed Pack
  • Natural Sand
  • Germination Disk
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

  • There is nothing as elegant, simple, and alive as glass terrariums. They are fun to look at and even help clean the air! Grow your own miniature world in our high quality glass terrarium. Just add soil, seeds and water and watch your tiny garden take shape before your eyes! Grow your plants the classic way, in glass! Your plants will conform to their container and require very little care or water once they are growing. These complete kits come with everything needed, just add water! Anyone can grow plants in a glass terrarium!

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