Actual Product Dimensions:
5.6" x 3" x 6"

Each Complete Kit Includes:

  • 45g GobbledyGoop, Makes about 3 Gallons
  • 30g JellyStones: Red, Yellow & Blue, Makes about 1 Gallon
  • 4g Slippery Spheres: Red, Yellow & Blue, Makes 13-14 ounces
  • 10g Silly Squares: Red, Yellow & Blue, Makes 20 ounces
  • 12 Coloring Tablets
  • 6 Mixing Spoons
  • 1 Experiment & Science Guide

  • Instruction Manual (.pdf)

    Demonstrate and learn the science behind a fascinating collection of polymers! Learn about viscosity, absorption, evaporation, polarity, saturation, molecular bonding, osmosis, and more with this astounding mini science fair kit! Comes complete with everything needed, just add water, containers, presentation materials and you have a complete science fair project!

    Hydrate all polymers with hot and cold water to learn about each polymerís absorption process. Learn about effervescence and the chemical reaction caused by adding Silly Squares, Slippery Spheres, or JellyStones to a carbonated beverage. Your imagination is the only limit! Safe for grades 2-8.

    Item # SK-0357

    Silly Squares
    Slippery Spheres