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Actual Product Dimensions:
5" x .3" x 9"

Each Complete Kit Includes:

  • 3 Pretty Princesses 3D Puzzles
  • Instructions and Information on Pretty Princesses

  • Resources

    Demo of Notchsters Being Assembled!

    Build, play, trade, and collect your Notchsters! They are easy and fun to build and you will create three free-standing housemates in minutes! Simply pop the pieces out and connect them with the Notches in them!

    From the cards, you can plainly see that your royal princesses are indeed pretty! Your charming and disarming princesses will ask you to join them for tea and delight you with stories of true bravery and chivalry. Well they can in your imagination at least! Start with one royal set and collect all the fun Notchsters!

    Save your card and put them on a clip for when you want to put the pieces back in. Notchsters are completely and proudly made in the USA! Visit the website and enter your code to read captivating stories about your Notchsters and much more!

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