Actual Product Dimensions:
9" x 4.5" x 6"

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Pitcher Plant Seed Pack
        Yellow Pitcher
        Sweet Pitcher
        Pale Trumpet Plants
        Hooded Pitcher
        Purple Pitcher
  • Windowsill Greenhouse
  • Blue Swamp Rocks
  • Bog Buddy
  • Planting Mixture
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

  • Instruction Manual (.pdf)

    Grow your own collection of feared and famous meat-eating plants. This deluxe edition has seeds from five different kinds of carnivorous Pitcher Plants including the Hooded Pitcher Plant, the Purple Pitcher Plant, and the Pale Trumpet. Watch these fascinating plants grow from harmless seeds into vicious bug-eating monsters!

    Make your own authentic bog with the included peat planting mix, blue Swamp Rocks™, and a companionable Bog Buddy™. With proper care, this rare and unusual collection of carnivorous plants will flourish for years in this specially designed terrarium. Safe for ages 4 and up!

    Item # PP-0027

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