Actual Product Dimensions:
7.5" x 3.9" x .77"

Pixie Powder Includes:

  • 2 Grams of Pixie Powder
  • Instructions and Information on Pixie Powder

  • Let your imagination take you to an enchanted place where fairies fly and pixie powder makes magic happen! Pixie Powder is the trail of sparkling material that follows pixies and fairies. This enchanted powder is said to have magical powers of its own. Pixie Powder is a precious thing that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and make your fairy tale dreams come true!

    Item # BC-F325
    Legends about pixie powder are as old as the fairies themselves. It was once believed that one could tell if a fairy had been around by the silvery gold footprints they left behind.

    Some people believe the origin of pixie powder comes from the association between fairies and butterflies. Their wings are covered with many tiny scales which rub off easily, therefore giving the appearance of a magical dust. Pixie Powder is often used for wearing or carrying. Fairies are frequently depicted leaving a trail of magic dust and sprinkling it from their wands.

    Pixie Powder can be sprinkled anywhere you would like a little magic. Just sprinkle, think positive thoughts, and enjoy the magic!