Plants That Work

Plants are at work around us every day. They are cleaning the air, holding up mountains and hillsides, and even cleaning the water. Why work for your plants when they can work for you? In addition to appealing to your sense of utilitarianism, these hard-working rascals will keep you in fresh air, soothe your skin, make you tea, and even flavor it for you! Every illustrious plant featured in this line can be grown and used in a practical way right in your home! They are easy to grow and will start yielding their green benefits quickly.

Mosquito Grass

Item # PW-0109 Mosquito Grass naturally repels mosquitos while it attracts other wildlife! This plant internally generates small amounts of citronella. It is used for soil erosion and in xeriscaping as it does not require much water or care. $14.99

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Sensational Strawberries

Item # PW-0112 Grow your own strawberries! Now you can produce edible strawberries indoors on your windowsill. Sensational Strawberries are quick to sprout and easy to grow. Discover all the uses of strawberries today! $14.99

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Indispensible Aloe

Item # PW-0110 Grow you own skin soother and air cleaner with Indespensible Aloe! Aloe is known for being one of the best air-cleaning plants that exists and it soothes skin irritants. Aloe Vera is a plant of many surprises. It looks like a cactus, grows in dry surroundings, but belongs to the lily family. Aloe is easy to grow and care for. $14.99

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Sweet Leaf

Item # PW-0111 Stevia is a beautiful plant that is as sweet to grow as it is to taste. Sweet Leaf Plants are 30x sweeter than sugar and can be harvested right from your windowsill. The Sweet Leaf Plant is a sub-tropical plant that will grow two to three feet tall. This exceptionally useful plant is easy to sprout and fast to grow. $14.99

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