Actual Product Dimensions:
9.5" x 9.5" x 5"

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • GobbledyGoop, 80g
  • JellyStones, 45g
  • Slippery Spheres, 20g
  • Silly Squares, 30g
  • 36 Corn Lids
  • 36 Corn Cups
  • 12 Mixing Spoons
  • 12 Coloring Tablets
  • 12 Student Handouts
  • 1 Teacher Guide


    Student Guide (.pdf)

    Please email DuneCraft for the Teacher's Guide

  • Learn about viscosity, absorption, evaporation, polarity, saturation, osmosis, and more with this astounding classroom kit! Learn the difference between cross-linked copolymer, linear polymers, and liquid polymers, and the special uses they have!

    Learn about effervescence and the chemical reaction caused by adding Silly Squares, Slippery Spheres, or JellyStones to a carbonated beverage. Your imagination is the only limit!

    Item # CK-0344

    Silly Squares
    Slippery Spheres