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Actual Product Dimensions:
9.3" x 4.8" x 9.3"

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Sea-Quarium
  • Decorative Gravel
  • Background Decal
  • 2 Lily Pad Seeds
  • Sea-Saurus Eggs
  • Sea-Saurus Food
  • Growing & Care Instructions


    Instruction Manual (.pdf)

  • Grow an underwater adventure in our Sea-Quarium and watch it all through the magnifying portholes! Incubate the included eggs and your Sea-Sauruses will burst to life, filling your Sea-Quarium with fun! This complete kits comes with everything you need, just add water!

    The Sea-Quarium is of the highest quality! The tank is injection molded in one piece and has 5 magnifying portholes on the front curved pane. The hinged lid holds the LED Light Unit (included in the Deluxe Edition) in place, has vents, and can accommodate an airline for our Hydro-Pump (included in the Deluxe Edition). This is the perfect container to grow and watch all kinds of aquatic life develop!

    Item # SQ-0259


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