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Actual Product Dimensions:
3.75" x 1.5" x 5.5"

Slick Sand Inclues:

  • 56g each of Neon Orange, Green & Purple Slick Sand
  • Instructions and Information on Slick Sand

  • Slick Sand is great for sand and water tables and makes for hours of fun! Slick Sand will not get wet! So when you pour water on it, the water will stay on top and flow, instead of wetting the sand and sinking down as happens with ordinary play sand. It is great to create moats and canals with. Once kids have Slick Sand on their tables, they won't settle for anything less! This miniature kit comes contains 3 neon colors: orange, green, and purple! Slick Sand is safe and non-toxic.

    Item # PF-0267


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