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Actual Product Dimensions:
9.5 " x 9.5 " x 5"

Super Snow Classroom Kit Includes:

  • Super Snow, 1/2 lb. in Resealable Bag
  • Cups with Lids, 1 per student
  • Stirring Spoons, 1 per student
  • Food Coloring Tablets, 3 assorted colors (3 total)
  • Teacher Instructions
  • Student Handouts

  • Resources

    Student Guide (.pdf)

    Please email DuneCraft for the Teacher's Guide

    Super Snow lasts for weeks, is totally reusable, and looks like real snow! Simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparkling, shiny snow. Learn about osmosis, the conservation of mass, polarity, evaporation and more! The Super Snow Classroom Kit comes with enough materials for twelve students to do several fun and educational experiments. The included cups and lids are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable! Best of all, you can reuse this kit, or let students take it home and keep on learning.

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