Actual Product Dimensions:
3.4" x 2.9" x 8"

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Spearmint Seeds
  • Sprouting Pot
  • Sprouting Terrarium
  • Germination Medium
  • Instructions and Information


    "You can plant and grow the seeds in the same container that buy them in off the shelf. My daughter loved to help me plant the seeds and watch them grow!"
    -Laura Vileta

    "The Capsule Terrariums are very easy to start, the herbs grow very well and they smell great! These are great for people who like to use fresh herbs on a regular basis."
    -Cheryl Andregic

  • Mint is a very hardy perennial herb that is easy to grow. It is used to make tea as the leaves are known for their delicious fragrance and taste. Your Mint can be transplanted outside and is hardy up until -20 degrees. However, be careful where you plant it, as it an spread quite vigorously. Mint will grow 2 to 4 feet tall outside and likes to be kept moist and in a partially shaded location. Safe for ages 4 and up, retails for $4.99!

    Item # SH-0041