Actual Product Dimensions:
8" diameter x 7" high

Each Complete Kit Includes:
  • Sprouting and Growing Dome
  • Three Color Seed Packs:     Spearmint
        Lemon Balm
        German Chamomile
  • Growing Medium
  • 3 Color Plant Stakes
  • Natural Gravel
  • 3 Color Herbal Tea Decals
  • Instructions and Recipes Booklet

  • Resources

    Instruction Manual (.pdf)


    Get Growing with - Tea House Review!!

    The Tea House featured on Polka Dot Suitcase!

    Grow the ingredients to brew your own delicious herbal teas. All plants included are easy and fast to grow and can be grown in the included terrarium or transplanted outside. In addition, there is enough seed in each pack to plant several harvest of each herb. This premium set includes 3 kinds of herbs used to make a variety of herbal teas-Spearmint, Lemon Balm, and German Chamomile. All make light refreshing, aromatic teas. Learn about these fascinating plants as you harvest and brew delicious teas from your crop-fresh or dried. Safe for ages 4 and up!

    Item # TG-0157

    Tea drinking originated in China in the fifth centuray and spread to Japan. Tea was said to have been discovered accident. Water was boiled customarily prior to drinking for safety purposes. Reportedly some tea leaves blew into a boiling pot of water and the emperor was attracted to the fragrance, drank some, and reported it to be good.

    During the time of the Boston Tea Party, many American's started brewing tea from their domestic herbal stocks and coined them "Liberty Teas." Two of the teas in your garden, Lemon Balm and Spearmint were some of these Liberty Teas.


    "This is a great way to engage children in the art of gardening, teaching them about planting and patience. My kids were so excited to plant these seeds and they check on them everyday to see if the leaves are growing. It's great to teach them the concept of patience without having to wait too long for something to happen. As a parent I loved that it was streamlined in packaging, plastic, and durable, and also noted and liked that it was made in the USA!" iParenting Media Awards, Excellent Products 2009