Included Witches' Plant Stakes!
Grow the plants grown and used by witches and warlocks for thousands of years! These striking and beautiful plants will amaze you with color and texture as they bloom spring through summer. This exclusive collection contains rare and unusual plants valued by witches and garden enthusiasts alike. The Witches' Woods plants can increase your psychic power, help you master the power of invisibility, protect you against negative forces, and be used in potions for love and good luck. Your Witches' Woods will thrive in a well-drained area that gets at least four hours of direct sunlight a day. The complete kit includes plant stakes, growing and care information, and authentic, inspired garden decorations.
  • Rare Varieties with Fascinating Foliage
  • Contains Only Genuine Witches Plants Used in Charms and in Spells!
  • Enough Plants to Cover 40-80 Square Feet
  • Five Different Layouts Let You Customize the Garden to Suit Your Personal Style
  • Eight Kinds of Exotic and Rare Perennials in the Collection, Three Plants of Each Type
  • Complete with Full-Color Plant Stakes, Decorative Additions to the Garden, and a Comprehensive Care and Information Manual
  • Excellent for Zones 3-8
  • Grow Amazing and Beautiful Witches Plants
  • Learn About a Magical World With Enclosed Witches Lore!
  • Live Plants Delivered to Your Door as Soon as the Danger of Frost Passes
  • 30 Day Guarantee on Live Plants
  • Only $165 with Shipping and Handling, Quantities are limited, so act now!
Item #WTC-002

Live Plants will be shipped to you after the danger of frost passes between March and June depending on your zone.

If you order during the season, your order usually ships within 2 weeks, often faster.

The included plant stakes, decorative additions and information about this perennial garden will be sent prior.
Plants Included in Witches' Woods:
This powerful witch's plant is burned as an incense and used in potions to increase psychic powers. It is also used to conjure spirits and guard against bad spells. This plant was also known to keep sea serpents away.
This magical witches plant is used in love potions and worn in charms to protect against negative forces. It has been hung in houses to protect the occupants from sickness. Yarrow is also used to increase psychic powers.
This plant is very floriferous and vigorous. Blue flowers with a pale center over attractive mounds of dissected leaves.
This plant was sacred to ancient Greeks and reverently regarded by the Druids and was never gathered without ceremony. This plant was long thought to be the most potent ingredient in love potions.
The flowers and seeds of this plant are thought to be highly magical. They are used in potions, spells, and carried in sachets. Poppy seeds and flowers are used to attract money, and are used in love potions.
The fern is a magical plant best known for its weatherworking wonders. Burning the leaves is believed to bring rain. This plant is also used to attract good luck. In the Middle Ages, ferns were used to master the art of invisibility.
If you hear bluebells ringing, take caution as it is often a warning. These plants are considered to be the most powerful of Fairy plants.
This magical plant has been used in love magic and spells to attract good luck. These plants are also reputed to magically make fairies appear.