Date: July 27, 2004

Re: DuneCraft, Inc

Contact: Alicia Cleveland, (303) 927-6880,

DuneCraft Announces Private Label Deal with Scientific Explorer

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH - Scientific Explorer saw the success of DuneCraft's initial products, Odd Pods and the Amazing Dinosaur Plant, and worked with DuneCraft to produce their own versions of the products, the Cactus Garden, and the Jurassic Plant.

These private label kits were included in their new "Fun To Go Science and Activity Kits" line. So far, customer reception has been great with the two private label products near the top of the sales lists for the line.

Spokesman for DuneCraft, Grant Cleveland, said "We are very pleased to work with Scientific Explorer and help widen distribution channels of our products to more consumers. We will continue to license and private label our unique products whenever it makes strategic sense for both DuneCraft and its client companies."

DuneCraft recently introduced five additional products at this year's Toy Fair, including the Sensory Dome, the Medieval Herber, Space Sand, and a line of Exotic Seeds.

All of Dunecraft’s products are assembled and manufactured in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and are guaranteed to grow. For more information, see