Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Re: DuneCraft, Inc.

Contact: Alicia Cleveland, (303) 927-6880,

Dunecraft Bucking the Overseas Manufacturing Trend

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH - Seventy percent of the world’s toys are made in China, but DuneCraft’s unusual science and nature products are manufactured and assembled in the United States, with most of the work done in Cleveland, Ohio.

As Amy Dean, President of Wiltec Plastics exclaims, "It’s fun to have customers whose businesses are growing, and value American manufactured products!"

"There are many advantages to manufacturing domestically," said Grant Cleveland, President of Dunecraft. "There is a much shorter lead time, better quality control, and more flexibility; therefore manufacturing can still be done cost-effectively in the United States. The products are designed to require as little labor as possible in the production phase, which is important, as labor is the primary source of China’s competitive advantage."

"There are very real risks in following the 'herd mentality' of manufacturing in China and abroad," stated Grant Cleveland. "In addition to language barriers, delays, and quality issues, several larger risks also exist. These risks include the a floating currency, rising wages due to an increased standard of living, as well as tariffs if a country is found to be violating human rights as unions now assert some companies abroad are routinely doing."

The current product line includes Odd Pods (in electric blue or glow), the Dinosaur Plant and Dinosaur Trio, the Sensory Dome, the Medieval Herber, Space Sand, and a line of Exotic Seeds.

All of Dunecraft’s products are assembled and manufactured in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and are guaranteed to grow. For more information, see