Date: Thursday, September 30, 2004

Re: DuneCraft, Inc.

Contact: Alicia Cleveland, (303) 927-6880,

Bring Hollywood Home Today!

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH -- The same instant snow used on movie sets, in indoor snowboarding parks and in Hallmark greeting cards is now available to everyone this week!

Dunecraft's Super Snow makes it easy to make snow any time in any climate. Add a tablespoon of snow to a quart of water and stir! The beaded cross-linked polymer in the snow is superior as it lasts ten times longer than other snow (up to a month and a half) makes four times that of other powders, and actually glistens and sparkles like real snow!

The brand new product has just been released by DuneCraft and comes in a colorful point of purchase display. According to Kyp Henn of Kyp Henn Sales, "Snow has been the hottest item in the education market for a couple years and DuneCraft has figured out how to successfully bring it to other channels."

"The color eye-catching counter display and the stylish packaging combined with the fantastic price will make this product a winner." theorizes Sheamus Maher, from KISS Products Ltd, a UK toy and gift distributor of the DuneCraft line.

This is totally amazing stuff! It has tons of uses and applications," says Patrick Brays, a distributor of the DuneCraft line in the Southeast.

Super Snow is made in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and is available in specialty stores nationwide. For more information, see