Date: Tuesday August 30, 2005
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley, (720) 221-8037,

Europe, UK and Canada Hungry for Flesh-Eating Plants

CLEVELAND, OH DuneCraft, the Ohio-based educational toy company, is rapidly expanding into worldwide markets. International distribution has been growing steadily, especially in France, Spain, Canada, and the UK. To help compete abroad, DuneCraft is creating custom packaging for customers in France and Spain, translating the packaging and instructions to French and Spanish. The company is currently discussing distribution with the Minister of Education in Korea, delving into the toy industry in Israel, and discoursing with contacts in Japan. Next year, DuneCraft will be attending the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.

"Translating American marketing models into the UK and Europe is always an challenging proposition," says Sheamus Maher of UK toy and gift distributor KISS Products Ltd. "But DuneCraft products seem to translate almost directly from the USA into the UK." Maher adds that Dunecraft's Carnivorous Creations-a planting kit that includes such meat-hungry varieties as the Venus Fly Trap-is especially popular. "The first order the UK received sold out in only a few months, and more are on express order," he says. "Somehow the thrill of flesh eating plants is a concept that appeals to people all over the world."

DuneCraft has developed a line of miniature greenhouses to be unveiled soon. "A strong demand for these in France is being forecasted," says Mark Kohoot, President of American World Trade Inc., "Partly because the greenhouses look very appealing."

DuneCraft introduced eight new products at Toy Fair in February, 2005, and will continue to add to its product line throughout this year. Some of the exciting new products are the Graveyard Gothic Garden, the Biblical Garden, Carnivorous Creations, the World's Simplest Crystal, and Tricolor Space Sand. Also expect to see many more varieties of the exotic seed packets DuneCraft has become known for.

DuneCraft's products have been featured in Family Fun Magazine, Parents Express Magazine, Indy's Child Magazine, Los Angeles Family Magazine, Creative Child Magazine and many more!

All of DuneCraft's products are manufactured and assembled in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and are available in specialty stores nationwide, through catalogs, and online. Please visit for more information.