Date: Monday, February 1, 2006
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley, (720) 221-8037,

Impulse Sensation: The World's Smallest Terrariums

CLEVELAND, OH -- DuneCraft is introducing a brand new line of Micro-Terrariums that will begin shipping on February 1, 2006!

The Micro-Terrariums are eye-catching miniature terrarium kits. Styles include the Good Luck Egg, the Dragon Tree, Fly Trap Fiends, Dusty Desert Cacti, Hooded Pitcher Plant Predators, Pink Polka Dot Splash, Grow Your Own Brain, and the Tasty Herb Egg. Each of the eight new micro-terrariums has its own customized theme and a different variety of seeds. All seeds are grown in a unique egg shaped terrarium, and five include a seed disk.

These are the world's smallest terrariums and only need to be watered once every few months. All Micro-Terrariums are easy to grow, will last for years, and are safe for ages 4 and up. The $4.99 price point makes these a fantastic spring novelty.

DuneCraft's products have been continually gaining recognition and have won many prestigious awards, including awards from Creative Child Magazine, Parent-to-Parent, and The National Parenting Center. DuneCraft's products have also been featured in the NY Daily News, The Washington Times, The Sun News, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Family Fun Magazine, Parents Express Magazine, Indy's Child Magazine, Los Angeles Family Magazine, New York Amsterdam News and more.

All of Dunecraft's products are manufactured and assembled in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and are available in specialty stores nationwide, through catalogs, and online. For more information, please visit