Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
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DuneCraft Unveils Innovative, Science-Based Classroom Kits

CLEVELAND, OH -- DuneCraft is proud to present four entertaining and educational classroom kits. The new kits include Plant Science, Polymer Science, the Amazing Dinosaur Plant Kit, and the Super Snow Kit. All kits contain enough materials for twelve children to conduct tons of fun and educational experiments. The kits can be used inside the classroom as part of the curriculum or outside the classroom as party activities! All kits are completely nontoxic, and safe for ages 5 and up.

According to Marc-Aurelle Buholzer, spokesperson for DuneCraft, "Teachers everywhere are raving about DuneCraft's brand new Classroom Kits. Demand has been so strong that we released the next two kits ahead of schedule."

With the Plant Science Kit, Rocket Plants grow from seed to bloom in less than two months and Polka Dot Plants develop multi-colored spots on their leaves. The Polymer Science Kit enables children to make different colors of slime and blend them together to create new colors. With the Super Snow Kit, simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparkling, shiny snow! The Dinosaur Plant Kit lets children watch a dead plant spring to life before their very eyes!

All four educational kits are completely reusable, come with lots of extras, including growing cups and lids, food-coloring tablets, stirring spoons, water retention polymers and more! Additionally, all kits contain informative and challenging student and teacher guides.

DuneCraft's products are bought by many schools and sold by major educational distributors including Excelligence, School Specialty, Science Kit, and many more. DuneCraft's products have won many prestigious awards from Parent-to-Parent, Creative Child Magazine, The National Parenting Center, and Toy Tips. They have been featured on national television, including appearances on Good Morning America, The Early Show, QVC, and Live with Regis and Kelly. DuneCraft's products also have appeared in The Washington Post, NY Daily News, The Washington Times, The Sun News, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Family Fun Magazine, Parents Express Magazine, Atlanta Parent, and more.

All of Dunecraft's products are manufactured and assembled in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and are available in specialty stores nationwide, through catalogs, and online. For more information, please visit