Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley, (720) 221-8037,

America's Number One Hobby in Trouble!

CLEVELAND, OH -- Did you know that over 91 million households, representing over 83% of all households participated in some form of indoor or outdoor gardening last year? However, America's most popular past time is in danger of fading as the number of consumer electronic gadgets available continues to soar. The younger generations are not as connected to and aware of the natural environment around them as their older parents and grandparents. Igniting an interest in plants is truly a goal worth aspiring for.

Grow a selection of rare and tropical plants in a brand new high quality terrarium, designed to fit on any windowsill. Grow Prehistoric Plants, Fly Traps, Madagascar Palms, and Zen Grass Gardens with DuneCraft's brand new Plant Cube Line! This line's new clean design sets it apart from many of the company's other offerings and is a fantastic gift item for people of all ages!

The highly valued and botanically interesting plants in this selection were chosen based on their special characteristics, longevity, and ease of germination. The Prehistoric Plant is the oldest known species of seed bearing plants. When you grow these striking plants, you really are bringing a piece of history to life!

The Madagascar Palm exhibits extremely interesting growing characteristics immediately and is a rare specimen from the jungles of Madagascar. These plants will reward you with lush, tropical growth with only the most minimal care necessary. The series also includes Fly Traps, and the Zen Grass Garden.

These complete kits come with everything needed to sprout and maintain your own unique indoor garden including custom high quality terrarium developed by DuneCraft! Decorative accents include planting stakes, decorative sand, stones, gravel, and more! Each Plant Cube retails for $14.99! Best yet, this entire exciting line is 100% made and assembled in the United States.

For more information on the Plant Cube Line and DuneCraft's other terrarium products, please visit Dunecraft's products are available in specialty stores nationwide, select chains, through catalogs, and online. All DuneCraft's botanical offerings are 100% guaranteed to sprout and grow!