Date: April 13, 2011
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley, (720) 635-3375,

Fresh Impulse Plants: Tiny Kits, Cute Friends, Big Fun

CLEVELAND, OH --DuneCraft is introducing a brand new line of Eco Plant Pals. This fun collection sets new trends in the world of gardening!

Plants form an integral part of our environment and have an immense impact on human civilization. Teaching children about the flora that abounds throughout the planet provides wonder from the natural world, instills curiosity about the intricacies of life, and nurtures the beginnings of an ecological consciousness.

One of the best ways to teach kids involves them not even knowing that they are learning. DuneCraft holds that fun and education can coexist. We are excited to introduce the first friends you’ll meet that only need water and sunshine and come self-contained in their own eco-friendly kit! Our NEW Eco Plant Pals are the collectable, tradable, pets that will amuse children of all ages!

This adorable collection retails for only $2.99! Each kit comes with everything you will need to fully enjoy your Eco Plant Pal. The planters come made from corn based plastic that is biodegradable and renewable. There are 18 different styles of Eco Plant Pals, each with its own trading card and decal! Different types of Pals come with names that reflect their unique personalities. We also provide counter displays that fully show the fun of our Eco Plant Pals. This collection is available at your local 5 Below stores!

Plants benefit their surroundings and humans in many, many ways. They make breathing possible by producing all the oxygen in the atmosphere and soil is enriched and cleaned by the root systems. Pollutants are “fixed” within plants as they absorb and clean the air around them. Besides adding beneficial humidity to indoor spaces, plants will provide much needed shade on those hot, scorching summer days. These benefits pale in comparison to the medicinal and culinary possibilities that plants provide.

uneCraft is an ecological and socially conscious company that manufactures in the USA. Visit for more information about the many fun, educational and interesting line if products we provide.