Date: April 29, 2011
Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley, (720) 635-3375,

Slick Sand Revolutionizes Sand & Water Tables

CLEVELAND, OH --DuneCraft’s new and exciting Slick Sand ranks as this year’s most fun, educational and innovative toy! DuneCraft is happy to introduce “Slick Sand”, the sand that will not get wet!

Slick Sand, perfect for sand and water tables, stays dry even when submerged! Try putting water on it and watch as the water beads off of it! Slick Sand’s ability to “flow” while underwater makes it perfect to create moats, canals, or any structure you wish. Just add water to this sand for hours of mesmerizing fun. It is also safe and non toxic for kids and comes in red, neon, and assorted colors.

Slick Sand gets its name from the treatment that endows its properties. We saturate ordinary sand with silicon vapors. Silicon is a very slippery substance and these vapors reverse the way Slick Sand interacts with water. Normal sand absorbs water easily and is called hydrophilic which literally means “water loving” in Latin. Slick Sand repels water, a term called hydrophobic or “water-fearing” in Latin. So where ordinary sand must start wet and then dry to create castles and moats, taking time and making a mess, DuneCraft’s Slick Sand starts and ends dry, molds easily and quickly, and finishes with a hassle-free clean-up!

Education and learning form an integral part of DuneCraft’s business philosophy. Slick Sand comes bundled with a number of interesting experiments that demonstrate its amazing traits! DuneCraft’s toys inspire curiosity and advance learning, with Slick Sand being no different. Paired with the fun experiments, the science behind Slick Sand is explained. Kids will be introduced or further versed to terms and concepts like hydrophobe, hydrophile, conservation of mass, the biological composition of sand, and surface tension. Slick Sand is available at Toys r’ Us nationwide!

DuneCraft’s products, continually gaining recognition, have won many prestigious awards, including those from The National Parenting Center, Creative Child Magazine, and Parent-to-Parent. With products featured in publications like The Washington Post, The Sun News, Family Fun Magazine, The NY Daily News, Los Angeles Family Magazine, and more, DuneCraft’s products are made in the United States with recyclable and renewable products using renewable energy.