Date: 18 April 2004

Re: DuneCraft, Inc

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Prehistoric Plant Defies Extinction, Sprouts Back to Life


CLEVELAND—The Amazing Dinosaur Plant transforms from a seemingly lifeless ball of roots and leaves into a flourishing green fern in just about three hours after it is placed in its bowl of water in sunlight. This plant has existed on earth for about 290 million years, and has seen the beginning and end of dinosaurs. It can remain in a dormant state for up to 50 years between waterings, making is one of the longest-living organisms on Earth.


The plant is available in specialty stores around the country, and comes complete with everything it needs to come back to life and grow: a topless terrarium, authentic lava rock from New Mexico, which helps position and support the plant, and educational information on the history and care of the plant.


The Dinosaur Plant is and manufactured in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc., and is available in specialty stores nationwide. For more information, see