Date: 18 April 2004

Re: DuneCraft, Inc

Contact: Grant Cleveland, (440) 220-2163,


Local Garden Kits Are Nationwide Craze

CLEVELAND—Cleveland-based DuneCraft has introduced two new products in a family of products to be rolled out in stages that are trying to capitalize on the “perennial” popularity of gardening, both indoor and outdoor: Odd Pods, a miniature cactus garden kit, and the Dinosaur Plant, a plant that “returns to life” in only one day.


In the first year of sales, hundreds of specialty stores across the nation snapped them up, as did several second tier stores including FAO and Filene’s Basement. They are also selling on,, and on many other web sites and are featured in catalogs including HearthSong, Bits & Pieces, Things You Never Knew Existed, and the Grand River Toy Company.


By making all of its products in the United Sates, DuneCraft is bucking the trend to move manufacturing overseas. Seventy percent of the world’s toys are made in China, but DuneCraft’s nature toys and gifts are manufactured and assembled in the United States, with most of the work done in Cleveland, Ohio.


“There are tons of advantages to manufacturing domestically,” said Grant Cleveland, President of DuneCraft. “There is a much shorter lead time, better quality control, and more flexibility, and manufacturing can still be done cost-effectively in the United States.” The products are designed to require as little labor as possible in the production phase, which is important, as labor is the sole source of China’s competitive advantage.


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