Date: 18 April 2004

From: DuneCraft, Inc

Contact: Grant Cleveland, (440) 220-2163,


Seeds From Outer Space Sprout in Only 5 Days


CLEVELAND—The Odd Pod, a kit that grows more than 25 different varieties of cacti in a space-age capsule, is a brand new science and nature novelty available from specialty retailers nationwide, at all FAO’s Zany Brainy stores, and from catalogs and websites. Odd Pods come with everything needed to grow cacti from seed easily and quickly—seeds start sprouting in only five days.


The kit includes more than 20 varieties of cactus seeds, a sci-fi-inspired sprouting greenhouse (available in electric blue or glow in the dark), 3 colorful space backgrounds, and decorative moon rocks and crater dust to help personalize your Odd Pod display. The patent-pending planter was designed specifically for growing cacti, and features a multitude of planting tubes of differing heights and diameters. An information booklet contains photos and specific information all of the cacti varieties included in the kit, as well as detailed planting and care information.


Odd Pods can be placed anywhere indoors—on a windowsill, desk, table, counter, bookshelf, nightstand, or coffee table. They will flourish in bright natural light or florescent light and need to be watered just once a month. The cacti can be grown in the 6-by-3-inch planter for more than a decade and will provide years of enjoyment and education.


“Odd Pods and cacti are uniquely American,” said Grant Cleveland, President of DuneCraft, Inc. “Cacti are native only to areas in North and South America, and all the cactus seed used in Odd Pods are from Arizona and Texas.” In addition, everything in the complete Odd Pods kit is made and assembled in the United States.


Odd Pods and manufactured in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc. They are also available in a glow in the dark version and cacti seed packets are available for individual sales. For more information, see