Date: 18 April 2004

From: DuneCraft, Inc

Contact: Grant Cleveland, (440) 220-2163,


The Sensational Sensory Dome


CLEVELAND—DuneCraft, Inc presents the Sensational Sensory Dome.  Tantalize all your senses with over ten varieties of exotic and fun plants, from around the world, including Aloe, the Pink Polka Dot Plant, Eucalyptus, and the Cabbage Palm! 


The Dome comes complete with everything needed for people to create their own miniature sensory gardens complete with dry gravel riverbeds, paths, rock formations, fun markers, and color decals. An information booklet contains photos and specific information all of the plant varieties included in the kit, as well as detailed planting and care information.


This easy-to-grow kit starts sprouting in one week and can be grown indoors for years with minimal care.  Your growing Sensory Dome can be placed anywhere indoors—on a windowsill, desk, table, counter, bookshelf, nightstand, or coffee table. They will flourish in bright natural light or florescent light. The Sensory Dome can be grown in the 9” planter and will provide years of enjoyment and education.


“This sensory terrarium was designed with exotic plants from all over the world including Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia, and Africa ,” said Grant Cleveland, President of DuneCraft, Inc. “In addition, if you tape over the ventilation holes, the Sensory Dome will NEVER need to be watered!”


The Sensory Dome is manufactured and assembled in the United States by DuneCraft, Inc. Exotic seed packets are available for individual sales. For more information, see