Space Sand


What is Space Sand?

Space Sand is ordinary sand that has been exposed to the vapors of a silicon compound called trimethylhyroxysilane.  This process changes the composition of the surface of the sand and makes it unbondable with water- hydrophobic (water fearing).


You can make your own magic sand by spraying sand with silicone spray!  Compare to the sand in this package.


The closest thing to sand from Mars

The soil of Mars is reddish in color, very dry and resembles dusty sand.  It exhibits hydrophobic properties at first. It is theorized that this is because it has not been exposed to water in over 13 million years!  Space Sand is being used in experiments covering the Mars Exploration!


Experience the Magic of Space Sand in Water

  1. Pour your Space Sand into a cup of water;
  2. Observe the silvery layer between the sand and water;
  3. Form stalagmite figures, shapes and even letters underwater;
  4. Use a spoon to remove the sand from the water and watch it magically dry as it comes out!


Make A Sand Raft!

  1. Slowly sprinkle your space sand on top of water;
  2. If you leave small amount on the surface of the water, it will float;
  3. As you add more Space Sand, it will sink, penetrating the surface tension of the water.


The Many Uses of Space Sand

  1. Space Sand has been used to clean up oil spills and is called “oil seeker” sand.
  2. It is used to improve the growth of plants by providing aeration for the roots.
  3. It has been used by utility companies to speed the process of underground repairs in frozen areas.
  4. Many other applications include golf course sand traps, racetracks, sand boxes, construction, and ground water filtration!
  5. Think of your own fun ideas!


You can turn your Space Sand into ordinary sand!

  1. Pour your Space Sand in cooking oil.
  2. Pour your Space Sand into different concentrations of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Add some dish detergent to water with Space Sand.