2010 Safety Data

Thorough testing is a critical part of our formula for success. We submit our items to be independently testing laboratories to ensure their safety. We use only the highest quality, safest material available in our products-the majority of them from the United States.

Astonishing Science
GobbledyGoop (COC)
JellyStones (COC)
Pixie Powder (COC)
Silly Squares (COC)
Slippery Spheres (COC)
Astonishing Science Buckets
Space Sand (COC)
Bags of Knowledge
GobbledyGoop (COC)
JellyStones (COC)
Silly Squares (COC)
Slippery Spheres (COC)
Cactus Gardens
Wild West Cactus Roundup (COC)
Odd Pods (COC)
Classroom Kits
Plant Science Classroom Kit (COC)
Polymer Properties Classroom Kit (COC)
Terraria Classroom Kit (COC)
Curious George Themed Terrariums
Curious George Amazing Moving Plant (COC)
Curious George Fly Traps (COC)
Dome Terrariums
Biblical Garden (COC)
Bonsai Village (COC)
Carnivorous Creations (COC)
Culinary Herb (COC)
Fairy Triad (COC)
Grow Your Own Tree
Grow Your Own Tree Kits (COC)
Micro Terrariums
Micro Terrarium Kits (COC)
Nickelodeon Gift Line (COC)
Nickelodeon Impulse Line (COC)
Outdoor Garden Kits
Outdoor Flower Garden (COC)
Outdoor Vegetable Garden (COC)
Plant Cubes
Madasgascar Palm (COC)
Rock Gardens
Rock Garden Kits (COC)
Green Snotty Slime (COC)
Make Your Own Snowman Scene (COC)
Spit Balls (COC)
Yellow Snow (COC)
Skeleton Pellets
Skeleton Pellets (COC)
Space Sand
Space Sand (COC)
Super Snow
Super Snow (COC)
VaseOvers (COC)
Water Plants
The Amazing Dinosaur Plant (COC)
The Amazing Dinosaur Plant Trio (COC)

Grow Your Own Lily Pad (COC)
Resurrection Plant (COC)
Windowsill Greenhouses
Banana Farm (COC)
Desert Hothouse (COC)
Dragon's Lair (COC)
Fly Trap Fiends (COC)
Medieval Herber (COC)
Princess Garden (COC)
Sundew Savages (COC)