DuneCraft-Our Commitment to Safety

The majority of our products are made in the United States. All our items are assembled at our domestic facility. We conduct inspections of most of our factories to insure that all the materials are to specification. We quality test at our facility, both when receiving materials and assembling product.

Furthermore, we use outside testing centers to test our items for any heavy metals, toxicity, choking hazards, flammability, etc. We conduct both ASTM tests for the United States and CE testing for Europe.

We have MSDS forms for all our polymers and science items as well as any components in our growing kits to make sure that only safe and non-toxic materials are used.

In addition, many of our major retailers require us to contract other testing labs to conduct their own independent testing.

While we are certain that every company is doing their utmost to provide toys that are as safe as possible, we feel we can do a better job since our factories are within driving distance, for the most part.

Our products are age graded and clearly list all contents. We have a 800 number for anyone to call with any questions or concerns. We feel that we are truly setting the standard for safety.

Proudly Made in the USA