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Space Sand truly is the closest thing to soil from Mars that most of us will ever experience! The soil on Mars is very similar to Space Sand in terms of properties and color. This unbelievable sand will not get wet and can be formed into shapes under water. Remove it from water with a teaspoon and watch in amazement as it miraculously turns to completely dry sand! Space Sand has won awards from Creative Child Magazine, Parent-to-Parent, and has been featured on Live with Regis and Kelly!

Space Sand 2 oz. Header, Red

Neon Space Sand 2 oz. Header

Tricolor Space Sand

Space Sand 1 lb. Red

Space Sand 1 lb. Yellow

Space Sand 1 lb. Blue

Space Sand 1 lb. White

Space Sand 1 lb. Black

Space Sand 1 lb. Green

Space Sand 1 lb. Purple

Space Sand, 1lb. Neon Pink

Space Sand, 1lb. Neon Purple

Space Sand, 1lb. Neon Orange

Space Sand, 1lb. Neon Yellow

Space Sand, 1lb. Neon Green

Space Sand Action A

Space Sand Action B

Space Sand Action C

Space Sand Action D

Space Sand Action E

Space Sand Action F

Space Sand Action G

Space Sand Action H

Space Sand Action I

Space Sand Action J

Space Sand Action K

Space Sand Action L

Space Sand Action M